2019 Critical Days of Summer Wrap-Up

By MR. JOE HUGHES, Chief, HQ AMC Occupational Safety

With the passing of Labor Day, Air Mobility Command (AMC) concluded its Critical Days of Summer awareness campaign, which highlighted the increased risk to which our Airmen are exposed. The summer months bring increased travel, recreation, and other activities that have the potential to result in a mishap. AMC continues to combat those risks by conducting this annual safety campaign.

Unfortunately, AMC suffered two off-duty, private motor vehicle fatalities, with the Air Force losing a total of 10 Airmen this summer. Tragically, private motor vehicle accidents continue to be the leading cause of death. Personal risk management and sound decision making are critical to reducing and eliminating motor vehicle mishaps.

The theme for this year’s campaign was “Take 3! seconds, minutes, or additional steps to effectively evaluate the associated risks so Airmen can make the best possible decision.” All too often, people overlook minor details, do not complete an effective risk assessment, or simply ignore the known risks, which leads to injuries or even death.

This year’s campaign began with a kickoff video from the AMC Commander and Command Chief. In addition to the video, units were provided with small-group discussion topics designed for engagements between supervisors and work center personnel. These small-group discussions get Airmen thinking about potential consequences of their actions or inactions and ultimately help improve their personal risk management decision making.

Alcohol continues to be a factor in the majority of fatalities. It can make people feel confident, less inhibited, and more euphoric. Alcohol has an especially high and often negative impact on those who display unnecessary risk taking and poor choice management. Although it can be a great way to socialize or relax when used responsibly, alcohol can be an insidious enemy to our world-class Airmen and society at large when misused.

Even though the summer campaign has ended, please stay focused, always vigilant, and aware of your surroundings. Sound risk management in your decision making process can lead to better choices and be the difference between life and death. Leadership, supervision, and Wingmen are the backbone to effective mishap prevention.

TAKE 3!seconds, minutes, or additional steps to
effectively evaluate the associated risks so
Airmen can make the best possible decision.