Happy Holidays from Air Mobility Command Headquarters!

AMC enables the joint fight every day of the year, in every corner of the globe. In 2018 we sustained operations in Afghanistan, delivered the fight in Syria, and carried hope to those affected by tragedy in Florida after Hurricane Michael. As this year draws to a close, I want to take some time to thank you and talk about where we are headed in 2019.

AMC operates more than 600 sorties per day, 365 days per year. Our total force team of Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilians, and commercial partners sustains a global enterprise in combat and in austere locations. We do all of this with a cadre of Mobility Airmen that are the best in the world. Your expertise and passion to serve is the fuel that drives our mission and is critical to our success.

Heading into the New Year, I ask you to focus your efforts on improving our readiness for operations in contested environments. As we increase our training intensity and tempo, safety in our daily operations must remain at the forefront of our efforts.

Every AMC Airman is vital to enabling Rapid Global Mobility, both on duty and off duty. As you take some well-deserved time off during this holiday season, I ask that you remember our Airmen that are deployed and their families. For many, this time of year is difficult because of family separation. A phone call, a holiday party invitation, or even just a smile and a kind word can show those we serve alongside that we care.

You are the engine that drives AMC, and I am thankful for your commitment and sacrifice. Together, we can make a difference. I wish you and your family safe, restful, and happy holidays!

− Gen Maryanne Miller