Aviation Safety InfoShare – What is it?

By MS. JEN YATES, HQ AMC Flight Safety

I recently attended the Fall 2018 Aviation Safety InfoShare. Not familiar? I encourage you to attend.

InfoShare draws representatives from nearly every aspect of the aviation industry: maintenance, dispatch, cabin, ground operations, and flight operations. Members from the Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, several domestic and international airlines, the civilian industry, and the Department of Defense attend and provide input and share experience. Topics range from cutting-edge technology to best practices and efforts in messaging safety and building safety culture.

Discussions/Briefings at Aviation InfoShare are treated as proprietary and protected. This safeguarding of information promotes open discussion and cross communication across all agencies. The initial sessions cover overarching topics relevant to almost all organizations. Later sessions break maintenance, dispatch, cabin, ground operations, and flight operations into more specific subjects relevant to that section.

You are not obligated to attend sessions only in your area of expertise. I attended sessions in maintenance, dispatch, and flight—all were interesting and engaging. It was great to get perspectives from all three on similar subjects but with different points of view and different approaches to addressing the matter.

On the final morning of the InfoShare I attended, an Air Force Safety Center team with members from across the Air Force Safety Enterprise led an open discussion on proactive safety initiatives.

I definitely learned new things and observed some interesting and innovative concepts. My biggest take away: we are all in this together!