Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) Reports:

Why Should I File One?

By MS. KIM KNIGHT, Staff Writer

Today’s aircrews grew up in a “why” society. Why should I do this? Why is this important? Why should I care? It is not surprising; people are bombarded daily by social, visual, and audio media at an unprecedented level with information that often conflicts ...

Mishaps with a Moral

HQ AMC Flight Safety

On June 10, 1990, a British Airways BAC 111 with 81 passengers and six crew members experienced an explosive decompression when the pilot’s side windscreen blew out and sucked the captain partly out of the window. A quick acting flight attendant managed to grab the captain before he completely departed the aircraft, and the copilot managed to safely ...

AMC Wins Foulois Award for Outstanding Safety Program Again

Air Mobility Command received the Major General Benjamin D. Foulois Memorial Award for its stellar aviation safety program. AMC/SEF accepted this award on April 26 during the PHOENIX Rally at Scott Air Force Base.

“This was a well-deserved achievement!” said Maj Gen John T. Rauch Jr., Air Force Chief of Safety ...

 FALL 2018


Outgoing EC Commander Maj Gen Bence Speaks About the Value of Leadership and Relationships

By MS. KIM KNIGHT, Staff Writer

Maybe the old adage is true that “all good things must end.” But not everyone who retires from a lifelong career can say they’re leaving behind a legacy that will continue touching lives worldwide for years to come! ...

CMSgt Joshua Franklin, Career Field Manager, AFSEC, Discusses

Making the (Career) Grade

By MR. MONTE NACE, Staff Writer

It can be difficult to think too far ahead when you are in your 20s and 30s, but the best way to ensure a long, successful, professional career in safety is to have a clear picture of where you want to go ...

Is My Story ASAP Worthy?

Mobility Air Forces ASAP Submission Guidance


In our discussions with Mobility Airmen from across the globe over the last couple of years, we have fielded many questions about what qualifiers make an event worthy of an ASAP submission. These questions often come up during our quarterly ...


100 Years of Mobility Airlift

By MS. ERIN LASLEY, AMC History Office

The year 2018 can be termed the year of the anniversaries. One hundred years ago, the carnage of World War I drew to a close. Fifty years ago, in 1968, the Tet Offensive ramped up hostilities during the Vietnam War, and 25 years ago, in October 1993, U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Forces strived to bring peace to Mogadishu, Somalia ...

Providing Emergency Patient Care ... at Altitude

By MS. KIM KNIGHT, Staff Writer

Aeromedical evacuation (AE) can be unpredictable. No two patients have identical symptoms and no two flights are the same, which means medical personnel have to prepare for a wide variety of scenarios in various planes. That is precisely the type of training they get at the U.S. Air Force School ...

Col Leslie Maher Recaps Being on the Front Lines of

Hurricanes Matthew and Maria


By MS. KIM KNIGHT, Staff Writer

Hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 to November 30, ends soon. Most who have served on the “front lines” of hurricane relief say it is something they will always remember ...

AMC Assists Volcano Victims Worldwide

By MS. RITA HESS, Staff Writer

On June 3, 2018, a powerful volcano erupted in Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico. The Fuego Volcano, which means “volcano of fire,” was especially dangerous due to its deadly combination of hot lava …




To submit mishap-free flying hour milestones, send your request to:



618.229.0927 (DSN 779)


4 Tips for Safer Motorcycle Riding

By MS. CAROL HUBBARD, Staff Writer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 28 times more often than passenger car occupant fatalities in 2016 traffic crashes. Are motorcycle riders persuaded by such sobering statistics? No. However, here are four proven ways to reduce your risk of …

Early Mishap Prevention:

Just What the Doctor Ordered

By MS. RITA HESS, Staff Writer

On April 17 this year, an engine on a Southwest Airlines flight broke apart, ultimately killing a woman in a window seat and causing sudden cabin depressurization. An inspection on the Boeing 737 ...


 By MS. ARYN KITCHELL, Staff Writer

It’s back to school time but not only for children; college classes are starting, too! Get ready for syllabi, new professors, and plenty of assignments. The start of another school year is exciting and full of potential, but it can also be stressful. Balancing classes, work, and personal time can add to the stress ...

Flying with Gremlins


They weren’t bad omens, necessarily, but there were definite signs that this flight wasn’t going to be a typical combat sortie. It began four hours before take-off, when the alert included information about potentially nasty weather. My crew and I grabbed our essentials plus whatever we’d need in case we couldn’t get back to base.

Our mission is fuel. The four of us—two pilots, a flight engineer (that’s me), and a boom operator ...

What Goes Up May Come Down

(Flaming HOT and in the Wrong Place)

By MR. MONTE NACE, Staff Writer

We live crazy busy lives in a crazy busy time. Few of us are immune to family stress from elders, youngsters, or partners. Some of us work in environments that are a bit more stressful than we would like. Most of us feel social pressure to keep pace by ...

Medical Milestones for TBI

By MS. RITA HESS, Staff Writer

Autumn is such a treat for the senses: leaves crunching underfoot, frosty morning air on your cheeks, the aroma of crisp baked apples, and—wait! This safety article is supposed to be about FALL (an incident instead of the season)!

Let’s start over by discussing something Airmen already know. Depending on your job, you ...

Surviving the Storm:

My Journey to Recovery

633d Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Although “wingmanship” is something I live every day as an Airman, I have been familiar with the concept my entire life. When I was a 16-year-old assistant Cub Scout leader, I sent a pack of 8-year-old Scouts on a mission to find branches to whittle into slingshots …

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Training

By MS. KIM KNIGHT, Staff Writer

Training helps keep troops sharp and ready to carry out their missions. However, there is training—and then there  is Green Flag Little Rock!

The 34th Combat Training Squadron at Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas executes Green Flag, Air Mobility Command’s …



CSP HQ AMC Flight Safety

By the time you read this, you may have the new app for Aviation Operational Risk Management (AvORM) on your Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). It will provide users a stand-alone tool to ...



TSgt Matthew Fisher, a C-17 Globemaster III flying crew chief with the 514th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 514th Air Mobility Wing, inspects the C-17’s engines prior to a training mission at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst ...